Electric power distribution

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Electrical power at large switching stations is distributed almost exclusively using double busbar systems.

These stations incorporate switching matrices for connecting the two busbars, the incoming and outgoing feeder cubicles as well as the measurement fields. The incoming and outgoing feeder cubicles as well as the switching matrices are furnished with circuit breakers and one disconnector for each busbar terminal.

For safety reasons, a particular switching logic must be strictly adhered to here. The double busbar model incorporates all functions of practical relevance.

Integrated instruments for measuring currents and voltages permit direct analyses of switching operations.


EPD Busbar systems

  • Basic circuits of a three-pole, double busbar system with incoming / outgoing feeder.
  • Three-phase, double busbar system with load.
  • Busbar changeover without interruption of the branch.
  • Preparation of algorithms for various switching operations.
  • Busbar coupling.

EDP Protection for busbars systems 

  • Registration of currents in normal operating mode.
  • Registration of currents in the event of single-, double- or triple-pole short circuit.
  • Faults outside the protective domain.