Power engineering / Smart grid / Micro grid

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The transition in the energy industry away from coal, oil and nuclear power towards renewable energy sources is gaining momentum. Today, technology is so advanced that solar energy, wind power, hydrogen power and biomass can be exploited as environmentally friendly energy sources.

In order for this trend to continue, well-trained technicians and specialists are needed all over the world.

In the wake of so-called intelligent (smart) power grids, people all over the world are talking about power generation, transmission and distribution as well as the protection of power engineering facilities and the economic exploitation of energy.

Lucas-Nülle training system on power engineering gives instructors the opportunity to demonstrate and convey the technological context of power engineering to students in a graphic and practice-oriented fashion.

Electrical power engineering includes the areas of power generation, transmission, distribution and electrical energy utilisation as well as safety protective measures used in these areas.

The system is so extremely versatile that it can be adapted to fit all of the wide-ranging training requirements applicable to skilled workers, technicians or even engineers.

SCADA for Power Engineering is a software designed to control and monitor power engineering systems. In the software, the system’s measurement values and operating data can be displayed on existing measuring instruments in real-time. Important parameters and signals can also be controlled via the software. The measurement values and operating states of the equipment can be selected, recorded and displayed over time.