Power generation

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Didzis Ošis requests only for Latvia.

In addition to the basic experiments on three-phase synchronous generators, the experiments in this area also cover manually-operated and automatic synchronisation circuits as well as automatic power factor control (cos-phi control) and power control. For that reason, this module can be used to simulate both on-grid and off-grid power plant operation. Furthermore, generators need effective protection against internal and external faults. The deployment of a variety of protective equipment is a prerequisite for this.

Electrical power is mainly produced by three-phase generators. This applies to power stations as well as to standby power supplies and wind generators.

The pumped storage power plant course analyses how electrical energy can be stored by transforming it into potential energy of water and then transforming it back into electrical energy again for feeding to the grid.

Effective protection of generators against internal and external faults requires that a wide variety of protective devices be deployed.


EUG 1 Manually operated synchronising circuits

EUG 2 Automatic synchronising circuits, automatic power control and automatic power factor control

EUG 3/4 Pumped storage and various power plants

EGP 1 Basic generator protection equipment set

EGP 2 Generator differential protection