Chemical process engineering

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Didzis Ošis

Unlike in mechanical or thermal process engineering, the focus of chemical process engineering is not to change substance properties or the composition of a substance. The central subject of chemical process engineering is the creation of a new substance type through chemical reaction.

Thermal activation

CE 310 Supply unit for chemical reactors

CE 310.01 Continuous stirred tank reactor

CE 310.02 Tubular reactor

CE 310.03 Stirred tanks in series

CE 310.04 Discontinuous stirred tank reactor

CE 310.05 Plug-flow reactor

CE 310.06 Laminar flow reactor

CE 100 Tubular reactor

Catalytic and photochemical activation

CE 380 Fixed bed catalysis

CE 584 Advanced oxidation

CE 650 Biodiesel plant

CE 380.01 Flow injection analysis


CE 110 Diffusion in liquids and gases