Process engineering

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Didzis Ošis
Dr. Vytautas Aninkevičius for requests in Lithuania

Process engineering is an interdisciplinary science and partially uses the knowledge of other engineering disciplines such as, e.g. thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. In addition, basic knowledge of measuring methods and control engineering is essential for the safe and efficient execution of the complex processes.

The implementation of the theoretically calculated processes takes place in real systems comprising components such as pipelines, tanks and pumps. The characteristics of pumps, the properties of connecting elements and the adjustment characteristic of control valves are just a few of the important basics for developing, designing and operating process engineering systems. The operating mode of the individual components is of particular importance to mechanics and skilled workers who maintain and service process engineering systems.

The unit operations of process engineering are divided into four different core areas according to the treatment method. A basic process is the smallest theoretically defined unit of an overall process. The restriction to these small units makes sense from a research perspective and also a didactic perspective as complex, multiple problems already have to be solved at the unit operations level due to the several phases (solid, liquid, gaseous) and substances involved.

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