Cartridger® C-670

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Didzis Ošis

High efficiency cartridge packing.

The patented Cartridger® C-670 allows quickly and simply packing high performance cartridges for reliable flash chromatography separations. Together with a substantial cost reduction, it provides the possibility to fill the cartridge with the silica quality of your choice.


  • Achieve optimal separation with high quality cartridges.
  • Benefit from the unique packing process based on the fluidization of the silica.
  • Prepare your specific cartridge: choose your own silica and select the cartridge format (4 to 90 g).

Cost saving

  • Save cost compared to prepacked cartridges.
  • No more column storage.
  • Reduce solvent consumption compared to open glass columns.

Fast and safe

  • Pack a column in less than one minute.
  • Use any silica based material with particle size from 30 to 200 μm.
  • Minimized user exposure.