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Dr. Vytautas Aninkevičius for requests in Lithuania

A wide range of probes, sensors and signals is available for ALMEMO® data loggers and measuring instruments, which are connected via intelligent connectors with integrated data carrier. For common measuring tasks the connectors are configured at the factory and the measuring device automatically recognizes the connected sensor. All sensors can be calibrated, scaled and provided with a unique designation via the intelligent connectors. The programming always remains with the corresponding sensor, so that it can be connected to any input on the measuring instrument. Inaccuracies of a sensor can be corrected in the connector, thus turning simple sensors into precise transducers. 

The intelligent ALMEMO® connectors even allow the connection of existing sensors from other manufacturers. Thus, new sensors do not always have to be purchased for ALMEMO® data loggers and measuring devices. Well-tried sensor technology can be used in the long term.

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