Temperature sensors

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Insertable sensors in various designs
Pt100 sensors and NTC sensors in various designs

Infra-red transmitter and miniature probe head


  • transmitter box with display and operating controls;
  • with analog output;
  • surface temperature is measured over a wide range up to 600/1000 °C.

Compact infra-red probe head suitable for all ALMEMO® devices


  • measuring ranges -20 to +500 °C;
  • high optical resolution;
  • measuring spot 11.5 mm at distance 150 mm, in distant field 9:1.

Digital infra-red sensor, miniature probe head


  • digital infra-red probe head with integrated signal processor;
  • all sensor characteristics and adjustment data are stored in the probe head itself;
  • digital transmission ensures that measured values are not affected by the sensor cable being moved, bent, or twisted;
  • surface temperature is measured over a wide range up to 600 °C.
Pt100 glass thermometer
Pt100 cable sensor
Pt100 Plug-in laboratory sensor
Pt100 temperature sensors for special applications
Thermo-wires, compensation lines and connectors for thermocouples
Sensors for immersion measurements, NiCr-Ni
Sensors for surface measurements, NiCr-Ni
Sheathed sensors