Automotive electric and electronic trainer

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A modern vehicle is characterised by its high degree of electrification. This means that most open and closed-loop control processes are carried out using electro-mechanical systems. These systems, as well as all those designed to enhance driver comfort and drivability, require a stable and fail-safe power supply to ensure the finest quality of driving, leading to utmost comfort for drivers.

Lucas-Nülle training systems for automotive technology offer trainees the outstanding opportunity to learn about the various aspects of how on-board vehicle networks are supplied with electrical power at an authentic practical level. They also get a vivid and detailed look at how the lighting systems work and how they can subsequently be enhanced.


Electric generator

CO4204-7D UniTrain course: 12 V generator in automotive

Three-phase generator with multifunction controller trainer (modular system)

Three-phase generator with hybrid controller trainer (modular system)


Lighting trainer

ALC 1.1 Main lighting trainer

ALC 1.2 Auxiliary lighting trainer

ALC 1.3 Trailer lighting trainer

ALC 1.4 Static cornering light trainer

ALC 1.6 CAN bus extension trainer

ALC 1.7 Onboard power supply expansion

ALC 1.8 Xenon, LED and daylight driving lights trainer

SO3240-1U CAN/LIN dashboard model with lighting


Networked systems trainer

CO4205-1S UniTrain course: CAN FD in motor vehicles

CO4205-1A UniTrain course: Ethernet in motor vehicles

CO4205-1N UniTrain course: RFID in motor vehicles

CO4204-7K UniTrain course: CAN bus in automotive

CO4204-7E UniTrain course: LIN bus in automotive

CO4204-7H  UniTrain course: Optical data buses for automotive applications (MOST bus)

CO4204-6Y UniTrain course: FlexRay in automotive

CO4204-6G UniTrain course: Comfort systems and keyless entry

SO3240-1U CAN/LIN dashboard model


Hydraulic systems in commercial and light vehicles

CO4205-2B UniTrain course: Fundamentals of hydraulics and electro-hydraulics