Water treatment

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Didzis Ošis

The application areas of process engineering are manifold. Due to the relevance to society as a whole, the energy and environmental engineering sectors have come about in the recent past.

Physical / chemical water treatment

CE 583 Adsorption

CE 530 Reverse osmosis

CE 300 Ion exchange

CE 586 Precipitation and flocculation

CE 584 Advanced oxidation

Mechanical water treatment

CE 587 Dissolved air flotation

CE 588 Demonstration of dissolved air flotation

HM 142 Separation in sedimentation tanks

CE 579 Depth filtration

Biological water treatment

CE 701 Biofilm process

CE 704 Sequencing batch reactor

CE 705 Activated sludge process

CE 730 Airlift reactor

CE 702 Anaerobic water treatment

Multistage water treatment

CE 581 Water treatment plant 1 - depth filtration, adsorption and ion exchange

CE 582 Water treatment plant 2 - depth filtration and ion exchange