Thermal process engineering

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Didzis Ošis

The basis of thermal process engineering is thermal separation processes. In mixtures made up of at least two components, heat and material transfer processes are used to selectively change the composition (concentration) of the mixture.

Drying and evaporation

CE 130 Convection drying

CE 715 Rising film evaporation

Absorption and adsorption

CE 400 Gas absorption

CE 405 Falling film absorption

CE 540 Adsorptive air drying

CE 583 Adsorption

Distillation / rectification

CE 600 Continuous rectification

CE 602 Discontinuous rectification

CE 610 Comparison of rectification columns

Crystallisation and membrane separation processes

CE 520 Cooling crystallisation

CE 530 Reverse osmosis


CE 620 Liquid-liquid extraction

CE 630 Solid-liquid extraction