Engineering design

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Didzis Ošis

Engineering design is a central and challenging area of learning within engineering education. By carefully developing fundamental topics such as statics, strength of materials and dynamics, machine elements, materials testing, descriptive geometry and engineering drawings, students are prepared for subsequent professional activities.

Engineering drawing 

TZ 100 Engineering drawing: three-dimensional display

TZ 200.61 Engineering drawing: rotationally symmetrical components

TZ 200.02 Engineering drawing: casting

TZ 200.08 Engineering drawing: safety catch

TZ 300 Assembly of lever press

TZ 200.11 Assembly of bending device

TZ 200.71 Assembly of lever shears

Cutaway models

GL 300.01 Cutaway model: worm gear

GL 300.02 Cutaway model: mitre gear

GL 300.03 Cutaway model: spur gear

GL 300.04 Cutaway model: two-stage spur gear

GL 300.05 Cutaway model: planetary gear

GL 300.06 Cutaway model: variable speed belt drive

GL 300.07 Cutaway model: control gear

GL 300.08 Cutaway model: multiple-disk clutch

GL 300.10 Cutaway model electromagnetic single disk brake

GL 300.12 Cutaway model: pedestal bearing

Machine elements fasteners

TM 320 Screw connections testing

TM 310 Thread testing

Machine elements transmission elements

GL 100 Principle of gear units

GL 110 Cam mechanism

TM 123 Spur gear unit

TM 124 Worm gear unit

TM 125 Cable winch

GL 410 Assembly simple gears

GL 420 Assembly combined gears

GL 430 Assembly control gear

GL 200 Lathe gear

AT 200 Determination of gear efficiency

Assembly exercises

MT 170 Assembly shaft with journal bearings

MT 171 Assembly hydrodynamic journal bearing

MT 120 Assembly exercise: spur gear

MT 110.02 Assembly spur wheel / worm gear mechanism

MT 172 Alignment of drives, shafts and gears