"Smart Grids" - Intelligent power supply networks

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In the future, new technology will better equip power grids for the demands of tomorrow. More flexible grid management should make the increasing proportion of renewable energy sources compatible with conventional infrastructures associated with power stations. The variety and number of these decentralised power plants require a revision in how we manage power grids – so-called intelligent networks or "smart grids".

The Lucas-Nülle training systems have been designed in anticipation of these developments. Lucas-Nülle training systems provides:

  • Smart measuring instruments provided with various communication interfaces (e.g. LAN, RS485, USB) and control elements.
  • SCADA Power Engineering Lab software for the intelligent control and evaluation of smart grids using Soft PLC.
  • SCADA software designed for educational purposes.
  • Permits investigation of dynamically alternating loads and power generation inside the laboratory.
  • Intelligent energy management.
  • Modular integration of renewable energies into a smart grid using protective engineering.
  • Wind power plant with doubly-fed asynchronous generator (DFIG) and synchronisation to the grid.
  • Interactive multimedia training course.
  • Energy management, smart grid training system.
  • Energy generation, regenerative energy generation.
  • High-voltage transmission lines, protective systems.