Fundamentals of thermodynamics

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Thermodynamics describes the general theory of energy and substance conversion. The fundamentals of thermodynamics deal with the behaviour of systems during temperature changes.


Thermodynamic state variables

WL 202 Fundamentals of temperature measurement

WL 920 Temperature measurement

WL 203 Fundamentals of pressure measurement

WL 201 Fundamentals of humidity measurement

WL 102 Change of state of gases

WL 103 Expansion of ideal gases

Principles of heat transfer

WL 420 Heat conduction in metals

WL 422 Heat conduction in fluids

WL 430 Heat conduction and convection

WL 440 Free and forced convection

WL 460 Heat transfer by radiation

WL 362 Energy transfer by radiation

WL 372 Radial and linear heat conduction

WL 376 Thermal conductivity of building materials

WL 900 Steady-state and non-steady-state heat conduction

WL 377 Convection and radiation

Phase transition

WL 204 Vapour pressure of water - Marcet boiler

WL 210 Evaporation process

WL 220 Boiling process

WL 230 Condensation process