Hybrid and electric vehicles trainer

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Hybrid and electric vehicles constitute one of the most innovative and trail-blazing sectors of automotive technology. Aspects such as the exhaustion of fossil fuels and global climate change have brought the topic to the forefront of public opinion.

Research developments have advanced to the point where the global market breakthrough for electrically powered vehicles is inevitable in the very near future. Current developments are showing that politicians as well as vehicle manufacturers have seen the signs of the times and the authorization of electric vehicles is increasing throughout the globe.

At the same time, such developments are opening up the need for mechanics specifically trained in this new and challenging technology. With electric power, electrical engineering and electronics will finally be the overwhelming aspect in vehicles.


UniTrain courses

CO4205-1P UniTrain course: Photovoltaics for motor vehicles

CO4204-6M UniTrain course: Fuel cells in motor vehicles


Hybrid and electric vehicles trainer

UniTrain system

CO4205-1T UniTrain course: 48V sub-systems in on-board vehicle networks

CO4204-6V UniTrain course: Electric drives in hybrid and electric vehicle

CO4204-6L UniTrain course: DC/AC conversion in vehicles

CO4205-1J  UniTrain course: Battery disconnect unit in hybrid and all electric vehicles

CO4205-1H UniTrain course: Interlock in hybrid and all electric vehicles

CO4205-1L UniTrain course: DC-DC step-down converters in hybrid and all electric vehicles

CO4205-1K UniTrain course: DC-DC step-up converters in hybrid and all electric vehicles

CO4205-1M UniTrain course: Safe handling of HV systems

CarTrain system

CarTrain "Diagnosis and maintenance of a high voltage battery"

Car Train "Hybrid and electric vehicles"

CarTrain "Air conditioning and electric drive trainer for high voltage vehicles"

TruckTrain system

TruckTrain "Hybrid and electric heavy duty vehicle"

Diagnosis on the electric drive motor

CO3223-7G Measurements on an electric drive motor (eight-piece set)